Kutna Hora.


So after returning from the Bohemian Switzerland national park for my birthday I went straight into working.
So from Mid August up until late October.

I was pumping work.

In August and into early September I would work with Kurt Vinon with the photography assistant work he’d provide me.

On the 1st of Sepetember I started my first school job with Dolni Brezany school teaching English to kids.

Also on top of all of this working at Czech Inn with the breakfast bar team.

Hectic doesn’t describe how much running around I did, I won’t deny it was crazy but to work that hard was good I won’t lie.

During this busy period of my life.

I meet a lovely guest at Czech Inn during a bar shift.

Her name is Anetta from Finland, well I learnt a fuck ton on Finland and its nature for sure!

I took her into Prague and shots some photo’s  so here they are (just below) and I always wanted to go to Kutna Hora – famous for its Bone Chapel so we planned the next day to go there.

Has you see, Anetta doesn’t like her photo taken but took it like a trooper.

Next day we organised to go to Kutna Hora.

Here is step by step how to get there from Prague, links and all!

  • From your location in Prague head to Hlavní nádraží the main train station in Prague, here is the link from Hlavní nádraží to Kutna Hora for the timetable.
  • NOTE – you can see you’ll need to do a transfer from Kolin to Kutna Hora, it a max 10 min wait (it was so blissful)
  • Once at Kutna Hora HL.N. – NOTE HL.N is the abbreviation for Hlavní nádraží (meaning main train station)
  • Once there you’ll find a map of the town to get started on your trip.

I’m not going to share the history of the the town, find that out for yourself.

Here are the images I took of us in Kutna Hora.


The whole day for the two of us was around 1000 czk which is about 40 euros.

I won’t lie, it was more then worth it.

SDR Travels out!

Peace xoxo

Bohemian Switzerland National Park



OK a little back story to this one.

Mid July I meet a Czech lady named Veronika.

She lived in the town Teplice in the north eastern Czech Republic so yes I visited the town a few times.

The 14th of August is my birthday and being from Australia that’s the height of winter, well not anymore.

No its not my first birthday in summer, I’ve lived in Greece and had my 21st birthday in Greece on the island Aegina.

Anyway Veronika for my 35th birthday was very gracious to offer and take me camping in the Bohemian Switzerland National Park.

Ok, I’ll try and be quick on how to get there and I’ll do it in point form.

  • Trains and Bus go to Decin via this direct links – Note – we went by train and the bus stop was out the front of the train station, if you take the bus you’ll need to find out where the bus drops you off etc. – Travel time – Approx hour and a half
  • Once at Decin train station we went to the bus stop 434 which takes you to Hřensko a zpět and Mezní Louka – Travel time – Approx 30 – 45 mins
  •  Hřensko is the main town within the Czech Republic side of the National Park if wish to collect supplies its here or wonder its small streets (I took some photo’s)
  • Mezní Louka is in fact a Hotel if you want a luxury stay and they offer tours but also just down the hill along the road you’ll notice a camping area on your left when we went there wasn’t anyone to pay so we simply found a spot and camped.

Photos of Hřensko


When we arrived at Mezní Louka we set up camp and had a lovely camp fire going for the next day.
Saturday morning we’re up and went the red track taking us to the Pravčická brána.

After a great day of walking taking in the scenery we return to camp and had a fantastic camp fire meal (I LOVE camp fire cooked meals) and we settled in for the night for another day of hiking.

Sunday the 14th of August my birthday!

SO yes we had a great morning meal and packed up the tent area.

We decided to go on a short walk then return to Teplice




Way less to type out on this one, more about the photos.

I hope you enjoyed the post.

Take it easy and see you around.


Summer and Prague

Hello Again!

So after my trip to Montenegro, I returned to the Czech Republic and Prague.

Focused on generating more work for myself but more importantly, I had a mission.

When it comes to swimming and the availability of water either it sea or ocean I am without a doubt a very very spoilt man.

Growing up in the coastal country town of Moruya I had the south pacific to swim and the Deua National Park and its river the Araluen river and also living in at different stages in my life in Piraeus Greece so plenty of water and swimming was at my doorstep.

Moving to the Czech Republic I knew my strongest challenge would be this, not anything to do with culture or a new government system.

I knew I had to find a new source of water to swim.

At the start of the summer I meet a Slovakian named Marc; through the Smaller Earth academy and we became friends, he also moved to Prague around the same time I came to Prague and agreed we needed to find a place to swim.

When I returned from my trip in Montenegro, Marc already found some places recommended to him by locals of Prague.

The park is called Šárecký potok so off we went to visit the park and see what it’s like.

I’ll admit the parks in Prague are something else, they are 100% better then what we have in Australian cities and while I haven’t visited all the Australian cities I’ve been to all except Hobart, Perth and Darwin.

We arrived at the tram stop Vozovna Vokovice and simply walked west towards the airport until we saw a Mc Donald’s fast food (I refuse to acknowledge them as a restaurant) then it started to pour down raining so we decided to get some junk food into us while we waited, after about 45 mins it cleared and the sun was shining.

We saw a hill and wanted to get a better view so up we went and meet two Czech’s, after showing them my GoPro we felt it’ll be more fun to climb the cliff face and off we went!

Once we hit the lake we walk around it to more an idea what’s around, we come across a very old diving platform and thought that’ll be great to start our swim.

When then walked around the northern shore line towards the east and around the southern shore line till we came back to the diving platform.

The water was clean and fresh I’ll admit and quite satisfying (it’s not salt water but beggars can’t be choosers).

I didn’t take my camera this time just my GoPro and so here is a video to cap off the day and the blog see you around!





Montenegro Part 2


I meet four more women from Argentina.

Guapi, Maria, Micaela & Daniela

They are travelling across Europe and very friendly, they invited me for breakfast (how can anyone refuse?)

During breakfast, we chatted and it was their first day so we went into town and went for a swim.

Well, it’s something else. the Adriatic sea is very different from the Aegean Sea and yes I could tell the difference.

Here is a Video from that swim, I hope you enjoy it.

After the swim, I caught up with Maria and we hung out for the last time that trip, she was returning to Russia.

We talked and once again had a lovely time and of course more photos.

I hope to see her again when I reach Russia and have more adventures!

Keep well Maria!

So after I walked Maria back to her hotel for the last time I returned to the Argentinians.

We agreed to visit the Sveti Stefan which is now a private hotel (shame).

Here are the photos from that visit.

After the swim, we decided to simply walk back to Budva.

I’d admit, it was fucking awesome, we overlook so much in our cars, buses and on Scooters.

I took some photos of course but the overall experience was brilliant for me.

While we were walking, Daniella asked me to take some photos of Micaela’s top which she designed and made.

we stopped at a restaurant with a wonderous view and had great meal.

I unfortunately,didn’t take a business card to link the restaurant’s site, look’s like I have to return and get it.

Finally, we returned to Budva and the Budva Mojo Hostel.

Honestly, I needed a sleep and make my plans to return to my life in Prague.

With research, I found flights quite cheap from Dubrovnik to Prague.

Worked out the same price as the bus trip but honestly, I’d rather the bus trip again, you meet more people and get so much more info about the area’s you visit.

Thank you Maria, for inviting me to a country I never heard of, Montenegro and granted me new experiences I won’t soon forget.




Montenegro??? Part 1



Well seems I got a lot of catching up with you guys, so no more talking what I’ll “try” to do and just do what I can.

No expectations on both sides.

So for this story to make sense like many of my stories I have to start from the very beginning.

I have a very old, dear and close friend now living in Moscow, Yulia.

After many years we finally had time at least for a Facebook chat, towards the end she types to me.

“Hey I have a friend you’d get along great with”

And that’s how I digitally meet Maria.

After a couple of weeks on and off chatting she tells me she’s going on holidays with her mother, Thinking OK fair enough I’ll leave her alone to enjoy her holiday.

A few days later, I get a Facebook message.

“What are you up to this week?”

Having a look through my schedule I found I wasn’t really that busy.

“Got a couple of English lessons, why do you ask?” I reply.

“Come to Montenegro” she types.

Montenegro??? where the fuck is that I’m thinking so of course I jump to Google Maps and have a look, a small country between Croatia and Albania along the coast on the Adriatic sea.

She told me she’s was staying in the town Budva.

So I start researching how the hell do I get to Montenegro after two hours I found this bus site that’s very extensive in its search engine and easy to navigate.


I hope any of you looking to go to another country across Europe find this useful.

So through Getbybus I was able to book a bus from Prague to Split then to Dubrovnik and finally to Budva, the total trip took 29 hours but honestly the people I met and things I learned along the way have helped me far more than I imagined.

Even doing pit stops for 15 mins and getting off the bus while you’re travelling, then to smell and breath the air adds to wanderlust for me personally and if you have a sunset or sunrise to add to it?

Also seeing the countryside adds to the fact you’re on an adventure of the unknown.



All these factors lead me to say travelling by bus or even train (after my terrible experience, refer to a previous post) is better then flight if you’re in travel mode.

We all know the advantages of flight ….. I hope.

So I arrived around 12 midnight in Budva and on my way walking to the hostel I walked past two girls thinking nothing more of it, after 29 hours on a bus I continue on my way when one of them asked me where another Hostel was. 

Which I had no clue, so all I said was “All I know is the MOJO Budva and they are staying up for me so if they have room at least you’ll know someone will be able to assist you.”

The ladies were Barbara and Yvette from the USA and we walked to MOJO Budva.

We found it I got my room and there was space for them also so happy days.

They mentioned they wanted to go out and informed me that Budva is a “party” town, I thought “Screw it I’m so wired I may as well follow through and see what Budva’s got.”

We got dressed and went into town soon to learn in many parts they have a strict noise curfew at 11pm so we missed that boat totally being 1am.

We got something to eat but only fast food shops were open, where we were, so we settled for that.

We continued down the road and found a casino and we thought “Sweet they’ll sell drinks and we can chill and chat.

Can’t go wrong with casino’s anywhere in the world, this one was open  till 4am and we were able to sit and chat till, you guessed, 4am.

During the morning we talked about visiting Budva Old Town and wander around town.

Next morning I made a little video to re-cap.

While  the girls were getting ready I took some photos of MOJO Budva, I enjoyed my stay there, it was clean and very close to the main city centre of Budva.



Once the girls got ready we headed off to Old Town Budva, It was a very fun day with gorgeous views, great sun and some posing.



That evening I meet Maria.

We relaxed and talked and I walked her back to her hotel with the following photos for Yulia.

Next day I decided to rent a scooter from you guessed it rent a scooter in Budva, When I called very good English and offered to pick me up on his scooter and take me to the showroom which personally I felt was a great touch.

He had a good selection of scooters if you know your bikes and he’s quite knowledgeable and sound advice.

My only issue honestly was it was about step to rent the scooter for 24 hours which I believe was around 40 euros plus a 50 euro deposit (which is fair).

I guess we all have to make a living and he’s industry is limited only to the high season so with that taken into account I didn’t say anything, I’m tell you so you’re aware.

Once I had the scooter, I rode back to MOJO Budva where Milena was chilling in the front area.

I asked her what her plans were today?

“Nothing today but tonight got some people checking in”

Note – Milena is very attractive so I asked If she’s ever had nice photos of herself?

Of course, she said no, so I invited her to join me on the scooter and go for a ride and take some photos, so off we went!

Once we returned, I had a sleep and shower for spend my afternoon and evening with Maria.

It was a gorgeous sunset and I had no clue where I was going, fortune found we were going up the mountain side out of the valley which Budva was built in.

The following photos are us with the fantastic view and sunset, we then rode back down once the heat of the day was finishing and then rode along the road south towards the city Bar and all the great shots I kept stopping, I’m sure Maria had enough by the end but when I get my photography Mojo, I’ll admit I get very self-centered.

That night I decided to wake up early and take sunrise photos, I noticed a large wall breaker so decided to head out to the end of it.

After jumping over fences and still not getting there, I decided to go back again back over the fences and look at the “entrance way” more closely.

I noticed a pathway to the far left and off I went straight to the end, mind you this whole ordeal took a good 30 mins and thankfully I get to my destination before the sun hits the horizon, again mind you 😛 there was a mountain range to the east which if you remember I said Budva was built in a valley, I completely brain farted and looking at mountain range with a single cloud.

Anyway here is the images from that morning.

After the “sunrise” I went for a scooter ride and ruins …. yes just ruins on a cliff face so I rode up it and went for a walk around and took more photos.

I continued along the road and stopped whenever I saw something that simply caught my eye.



That day I relaxed even further, more sun and salt.

I meet up with Maria again and we talked more and had some drinks, Maria even did a dance for me so I’ll only show two imagesINSEr of that.

I took Maria back to her hotel and back to my MOJO Budva.

When I returned my room, I found two girls in my room from Argentina.

END of Part 1.


Returned from Greece, busy yet not …

So it’s been since the 3rd of June since my last post.

When I left Australia I had in mind to do a post every week and a video post every 4 weeks but its clear I lack the discipline and dedication for the blog so lets change it up and see if this new system will work to keep posts going.

I’ll do a nice big post every 5 weeks starting today with every bit of content.

Here we go,

I returned from Greece and it was quite simple, find work for summer so almost everyday I was looking for work. I managed to find work with Kurt Vinon as a pre-wedding/wedding photography assistant.

We did our first sessions together and we mesh well so that’ll be great fun, it’s great to work in photography again.

Also some private lessons and recently about to start working with the Bohemian hostels so all should be set for summer work wise.

In the month of May, I did get up to some adventures, I meet my first Tinder girl in Prague and we visited Vysehrad, It was a very pleasant day and had a great talk, Thank you Natalia!

some time after my day with Natalia, I went to Prague zoo with Luke and Charlotte.

Honestly for a Zoo it’s very good, some of the animals are lacking space but in what zoo what animals don’t?

It was a nice simply day and photos are below.

Then the day came I had to return to Vienna for my Zivnostensky lists.

This time I won’t use the train again (I think ever) after my experience to Vienna with the over night train the first time.

I spent my two nights at Hostel Hutteldorf there I meet Veronica and Makira.

After meeting them, I went for a walk to Schönbrunner and then found the Vienna zoo so in I went taking some photos.

The next day I spent with Veronica, though she is Austrian she’s not from Vienna so we went for a walk, she was nice enough to give me company to locate the Czech republican embassy and we wondered the city to find a art building the hundertwasserhaus

Next day I went to the Czech Republic embassy for my appointment.

two issues arose, one I didn’t have my accommodation proof and my passport photos weren’t in my package.

So thankfully Jodi at CZ Visa extended my application to buy me enough time to provide the proof of accommodation but I still needed passport photos, I was given a photo lab nearby to get some taken so off I went.

Well that was 18 Euros for 4 passport photos.

Back to the embassy I went paid the fee of 98 Euros to the Czech government and off I went back to the bus terminal then bus back home for more adventures.




Tourist time in Athens – Greece

After the day in Aegina,

Some further resting and relaxation came my way.

Firstly I decided to spend time with Alfie this is Nikos’ dog (Julia’s partner) a very young labrador no more than 3 months old.

so here are some photo’s and a video cause everyone loves a puppy (or they should)

The next day,

I was invited for lunch/dinner with my friend Alex and he’s boss and his partner.

We went to a an area in Pireaus called Piraiki which has a range of seafood restaurants along this road.

If you love seafood this is paradise.

The meal was great and the company awesome.

A few days later, I wake up and simply decide I want to be a tourist.

So I made the choice to head into the city of Athens but where?

Trusty hostel world I was able to find the hostel Pella Hotel with from what I could see had a great view of the Acropolis and I thought; I don’t have a nice night photo of the Acropoli, so off I went to Pella and when I arrived here is my video.


That afternoon I meet a Mexican sun bathing, we start to chat and well I’ll let the photo’s tell the story this time.


I’d admit it was a very fun evening.

The next day was more relaxed, I slept more got more sun and went for a bus trip around Athens.

That was my last night being a tourist in Greece.

The next day, I returned to Julia’s home in Pireaus, getting ready for Orthodox Easter.

That weekend, I spent with my brother Jason and my friend Babi and his family for Easter, It was great spending time with them, can’t say it any simpler then that.

The remaining week was more sleeping, sun and some swimming, I left back for Prague on the 6th of May and thanks to Julia went business class for the first time and it was a delight.

I landed in Prague to really get my new life in order.