The Feeling of Love.

So December,

For this month to make sense a little context without giving away too much (some of it must be for us) 🙂

Back in July I recently started at the hostel the Czech Inn and during my second bar shift a friend of my fellow bartender came to visit with he’s friend from France.
While they were talking I noticed she was on her phone without thinking I started a conversation, After around 10 minutes we had a really strong connection so exchanged numbers and FB details and then she was swept away for the night.
I didn’t see her after that but we stayed in contact, I won’t lie I tried to seduce her and failed miserably with my poor western ways of seduction.
Then a few days later I got a text for her while she was on he bus back to France and we started talking.
Early December with feelings and emotions running high for us both, she does something that blows me away, mind you she already did a number things that took my breath away before hand.
Honesty is everything.
She invites me to Lille in France for Christmas, I couldn’t stay over NYE because I had to work it.
So I booked a flight there and bus back and left late December the 22nd I believe.
I made my way to her place, yes even figured it out …. slowly.
We reconnected after around 5 months easy of talking after a 10 minute or so face to face conversation.
The look, the feel, the aura,  everything in that moment when we saw each other was real.
We hugged, the purest, longest and honest hug I’ve felt from someone that wasn’t a life long friend or family member.
We spend afew days together then she took me out into Lille for our first movie date and wonder around town during Christmas.

Warning – many lovey dovey images.

Some days later my gorgeous lady had to work most of the day, so I went out into Lille myself and did the tourist thing.

I tried to find many of the old architectural buildings.
I was fortunate, it was a very very foggy day and got a gloomy effect, I was out till sun down and got some very nice images, then went to the Ferry go around for myself and later back to Seclin train station with the fog and got some very Silent Hill photos (I think)
I left on the 30th and arrived on the 31st back in Prague to work at the Czech Inn that night after a 16 hour bus ride and one of the most wonderful Christmas’s currently in my adult life.
This women did more then capture my attention, she captured my heart and soul.
I love you my wolf.
Your Bear.

Author: Ranarial

Photographer, Vagabond and Friend. See the world through my eyes while I travel and live the life I want not anyone else or society.