A collection of photo’s – October & November.


So these two months were quite a roller coaster ride for me,

Alot of new experiences and adventures, new feelings and emotions running through my vains.

This blog won’t have much dialogue quite honestly it’ll be a collection of my favourite images during this time.

Starting off with October.

I spent a day with two Swedish guests and this is by far my favourite image.


Mid October we had a celebrity singer from a singing show in the Czech Inn this is her FB page.

These are the best photo’s from that night.

Later in October I went for another hike into the Czech wilds at Fláje.

I’ll be honest, No directions this time, figure it out yourself 😛

Here you go 🙂

After I returned from Fláje we enter into NOVEMBER.

This month was very easy travel wise being alot colder and me getting sick from it (yes I’m weak against the cold, my DNA is built for the heat)

This month I meet another guest and we went out to Prague castle and the Lennon wall and over the Charles bridge … again. 😛

It was a fun day and I got alot of images I was more then happy with.

Nice and easy blog this time around, get ready for the month of December 2016 it’s a blog you may enjoy, I know I did 🙂

Stefan D R


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