Kutna Hora.


So after returning from the Bohemian Switzerland national park for my birthday I went straight into working.
So from Mid August up until late October.

I was pumping work.

In August and into early September I would work with Kurt Vinon with the photography assistant work he’d provide me.

On the 1st of Sepetember I started my first school job with Dolni Brezany school teaching English to kids.

Also on top of all of this working at Czech Inn with the breakfast bar team.

Hectic doesn’t describe how much running around I did, I won’t deny it was crazy but to work that hard was good I won’t lie.

During this busy period of my life.

I meet a lovely guest at Czech Inn during a bar shift.

Her name is Anetta from Finland, well I learnt a fuck ton on Finland and its nature for sure!

I took her into Prague and shots some photo’s  so here they are (just below) and I always wanted to go to Kutna Hora – famous for its Bone Chapel so we planned the next day to go there.

Has you see, Anetta doesn’t like her photo taken but took it like a trooper.

Next day we organised to go to Kutna Hora.

Here is step by step how to get there from Prague, links and all!

  • From your location in Prague head to Hlavní nádraží the main train station in Prague, here is the link from Hlavní nádraží to Kutna Hora for the timetable.
  • NOTE – you can see you’ll need to do a transfer from Kolin to Kutna Hora, it a max 10 min wait (it was so blissful)
  • Once at Kutna Hora HL.N. – NOTE HL.N is the abbreviation for Hlavní nádraží (meaning main train station)
  • Once there you’ll find a map of the town to get started on your trip.

I’m not going to share the history of the the town, find that out for yourself.

Here are the images I took of us in Kutna Hora.


The whole day for the two of us was around 1000 czk which is about 40 euros.

I won’t lie, it was more then worth it.

SDR Travels out!

Peace xoxo


Author: Ranarial

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