Bohemian Switzerland National Park


OK a little back story to this one.

Mid July I meet a Czech lady named Veronika.

She lived in the town Teplice in the north eastern Czech Republic so yes I visited the town a few times.

The 14th of August is my birthday and being from Australia that’s the height of winter, well not anymore.

No its not my first birthday in summer, I’ve lived in Greece and had my 21st birthday in Greece on the island Aegina.

Anyway Veronika for my 35th birthday was very gracious to offer and take me camping in the Bohemian Switzerland National Park.

Ok, I’ll try and be quick on how to get there and I’ll do it in point form.

  • Trains and Bus go to Decin via this direct links – Note – we went by train and the bus stop was out the front of the train station, if you take the bus you’ll need to find out where the bus drops you off etc. – Travel time – Approx hour and a half
  • Once at Decin train station we went to the bus stop 434 which takes you to Hřensko a zpět and Mezní Louka – Travel time – Approx 30 – 45 mins
  •  Hřensko is the main town within the Czech Republic side of the National Park if wish to collect supplies its here or wonder its small streets (I took some photo’s)
  • Mezní Louka is in fact a Hotel if you want a luxury stay and they offer tours but also just down the hill along the road you’ll notice a camping area on your left when we went there wasn’t anyone to pay so we simply found a spot and camped.

Photos of Hřensko

When we arrived at Mezní Louka we set up camp and had a lovely camp fire going for the next day.
Saturday morning we’re up and went the red track taking us to the Pravčická brána.

After a great day of walking taking in the scenery we return to camp and had a fantastic camp fire meal (I LOVE camp fire cooked meals) and we settled in for the night for another day of hiking.

Sunday the 14th of August my birthday!

SO yes we had a great morning meal and packed up the tent area.

We decided to go on a short walk then return to Teplice

Way less to type out on this one, more about the photos.

I hope you enjoyed the post.

Take it easy and see you around.



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