Summer and Prague

Hello Again!

So after my trip to Montenegro, I returned to the Czech Republic and Prague.

Focused on generating more work for myself but more importantly, I had a mission.

When it comes to swimming and the availability of water either it sea or ocean I am without a doubt a very very spoilt man.

Growing up in the coastal country town of Moruya I had the south pacific to swim and the Deua National Park and its river the Araluen river and also living in at different stages in my life in Piraeus Greece so plenty of water and swimming was at my doorstep.

Moving to the Czech Republic I knew my strongest challenge would be this, not anything to do with culture or a new government system.

I knew I had to find a new source of water to swim.

At the start of the summer I meet a Slovakian named Marc; through the Smaller Earth academy and we became friends, he also moved to Prague around the same time I came to Prague and agreed we needed to find a place to swim.

When I returned from my trip in Montenegro, Marc already found some places recommended to him by locals of Prague.

The park is called Šárecký potok so off we went to visit the park and see what it’s like.

I’ll admit the parks in Prague are something else, they are 100% better then what we have in Australian cities and while I haven’t visited all the Australian cities I’ve been to all except Hobart, Perth and Darwin.

We arrived at the tram stop Vozovna Vokovice and simply walked west towards the airport until we saw a Mc Donald’s fast food (I refuse to acknowledge them as a restaurant) then it started to pour down raining so we decided to get some junk food into us while we waited, after about 45 mins it cleared and the sun was shining.

We saw a hill and wanted to get a better view so up we went and meet two Czech’s, after showing them my GoPro we felt it’ll be more fun to climb the cliff face and off we went!

Once we hit the lake we walk around it to more an idea what’s around, we come across a very old diving platform and thought that’ll be great to start our swim.

When then walked around the northern shore line towards the east and around the southern shore line till we came back to the diving platform.

The water was clean and fresh I’ll admit and quite satisfying (it’s not salt water but beggars can’t be choosers).

I didn’t take my camera this time just my GoPro and so here is a video to cap off the day and the blog see you around!


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