Montenegro Part 2


I meet four more women from Argentina.

Guapi, Maria, Micaela & Daniela

They are travelling across Europe and very friendly, they invited me for breakfast (how can anyone refuse?)

During breakfast, we chatted and it was their first day so we went into town and went for a swim.

Well, it’s something else. the Adriatic sea is very different from the Aegean Sea and yes I could tell the difference.

Here is a Video from that swim, I hope you enjoy it.

After the swim, I caught up with Maria and we hung out for the last time that trip, she was returning to Russia.

We talked and once again had a lovely time and of course more photos.

I hope to see her again when I reach Russia and have more adventures!

Keep well Maria!

So after I walked Maria back to her hotel for the last time I returned to the Argentinians.

We agreed to visit the Sveti Stefan which is now a private hotel (shame).

Here are the photos from that visit.

After the swim, we decided to simply walk back to Budva.

I’d admit, it was fucking awesome, we overlook so much in our cars, buses and on Scooters.

I took some photos of course but the overall experience was brilliant for me.

While we were walking, Daniella asked me to take some photos of Micaela’s top which she designed and made.

we stopped at a restaurant with a wonderous view and had great meal.

I unfortunately,didn’t take a business card to link the restaurant’s site, look’s like I have to return and get it.

Finally, we returned to Budva and the Budva Mojo Hostel.

Honestly, I needed a sleep and make my plans to return to my life in Prague.

With research, I found flights quite cheap from Dubrovnik to Prague.

Worked out the same price as the bus trip but honestly, I’d rather the bus trip again, you meet more people and get so much more info about the area’s you visit.

Thank you Maria, for inviting me to a country I never heard of, Montenegro and granted me new experiences I won’t soon forget.





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