Returned from Greece, busy yet not …

So it’s been since the 3rd of June since my last post.

When I left Australia I had in mind to do a post every week and a video post every 4 weeks but its clear I lack the discipline and dedication for the blog so lets change it up and see if this new system will work to keep posts going.

I’ll do a nice big post every 5 weeks starting today with every bit of content.

Here we go,

I returned from Greece and it was quite simple, find work for summer so almost everyday I was looking for work. I managed to find work with Kurt Vinon as a pre-wedding/wedding photography assistant.

We did our first sessions together and we mesh well so that’ll be great fun, it’s great to work in photography again.

Also some private lessons and recently about to start working with the Bohemian hostels so all should be set for summer work wise.

In the month of May, I did get up to some adventures, I meet my first Tinder girl in Prague and we visited Vysehrad, It was a very pleasant day and had a great talk, Thank you Natalia!

some time after my day with Natalia, I went to Prague zoo with Luke and Charlotte.

Honestly for a Zoo it’s very good, some of the animals are lacking space but in what zoo what animals don’t?

It was a nice simply day and photos are below.

Then the day came I had to return to Vienna for my Zivnostensky lists.

This time I won’t use the train again (I think ever) after my experience to Vienna with the over night train the first time.

I spent my two nights at Hostel Hutteldorf there I meet Veronica and Makira.

After meeting them, I went for a walk to Schönbrunner and then found the Vienna zoo so in I went taking some photos.

The next day I spent with Veronica, though she is Austrian she’s not from Vienna so we went for a walk, she was nice enough to give me company to locate the Czech republican embassy and we wondered the city to find a art building the hundertwasserhaus

Next day I went to the Czech Republic embassy for my appointment.

two issues arose, one I didn’t have my accommodation proof and my passport photos weren’t in my package.

So thankfully Jodi at CZ Visa extended my application to buy me enough time to provide the proof of accommodation but I still needed passport photos, I was given a photo lab nearby to get some taken so off I went.

Well that was 18 Euros for 4 passport photos.

Back to the embassy I went paid the fee of 98 Euros to the Czech government and off I went back to the bus terminal then bus back home for more adventures.





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