Tourist time in Athens – Greece

After the day in Aegina,

Some further resting and relaxation came my way.

Firstly I decided to spend time with Alfie this is Nikos’ dog (Julia’s partner) a very young labrador no more than 3 months old.

so here are some photo’s and a video cause everyone loves a puppy (or they should)

The next day,

I was invited for lunch/dinner with my friend Alex and he’s boss and his partner.

We went to a an area in Pireaus called Piraiki which has a range of seafood restaurants along this road.

If you love seafood this is paradise.

The meal was great and the company awesome.

A few days later, I wake up and simply decide I want to be a tourist.

So I made the choice to head into the city of Athens but where?

Trusty hostel world I was able to find the hostel Pella Hotel with from what I could see had a great view of the Acropolis and I thought; I don’t have a nice night photo of the Acropoli, so off I went to Pella and when I arrived here is my video.


That afternoon I meet a Mexican sun bathing, we start to chat and well I’ll let the photo’s tell the story this time.


I’d admit it was a very fun evening.

The next day was more relaxed, I slept more got more sun and went for a bus trip around Athens.

That was my last night being a tourist in Greece.

The next day, I returned to Julia’s home in Pireaus, getting ready for Orthodox Easter.

That weekend, I spent with my brother Jason and my friend Babi and his family for Easter, It was great spending time with them, can’t say it any simpler then that.

The remaining week was more sleeping, sun and some swimming, I left back for Prague on the 6th of May and thanks to Julia went business class for the first time and it was a delight.

I landed in Prague to really get my new life in order.


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