SDR lands in Greece.

Tuesday 19th of April.

I took my flight from Vienna to Athens but did a silly thing, left my jumper off and got sick.

My close and dear friend Julia picked me up in Piraeus and who was extremely kind and let me have a room to myself.

The first few days I really slept like I can’t stress it enough the smaller earth course really screwed my sleep and in, The Czech Republic they don’t have (that I could find) flat pillows yes you read me right, they prefer plushy pillows (my sleeping bane)

I really relaxed and enjoyed the Athens spring weather, it was very pleasant for me once I settled in.

I didn’t take too many photos at the start I really forgot to be a photographer.

I started using Tinder for Europe and didn’t start till I landed in Greece.

One lady was very nice to show me around the Acropolis when I say show me around she take me through the streets and around the whole plateau which I never had done before.

Thank you Chryssoula it was a great day and here are the photos from it.




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