Well, I’m back!

That’s the last time, I leave my laptop home before any trip for over a week.

Recap – I needed to go Vienna to get an Apostille for The Czech Republic government to apply for my Zivno list.

So I purchased a train ticket from Prague to Vienna, I’ll admit paying 75 euro’s was steep BUT it was an overnight train and I thought ok, let’s pay and have a sleep.

When I get to my cabin I meet a nice and pleasant Hydrologist from India living in Germany named Kumar and we have a chat but it was midnight and we both wanted to sleep, I then awoke disoriented and groggy  from a deep sleep.

“My laptop is gone! They took it!”

I was like what the fuck?

I check under my bed and my red bag was gone!

To get an idea on how important that red bag was, my wallet with my passport in it, all my documents, ALL OF THEM.

All I had was my camera gear, mobile, headphones and fucking GoPro honestly I would be OK if he stole my camera gear! that has insurance.

Here is the video of me before the bag got stolen then after.

I wonder if you can see the panic on my face.

Fortune would have that the thief only 1000 czk which is around $50 Aus dollars and left everything else in a bathroom.

So I spent 75 euro’s for a nights sleep I never got and for the first time the absolute feeling “I am fucked”

So no more trains in Europe, I’ll take the bus and stay awake the whole time.

7am comes and we arrive in Vienna, Kumar goes on he’s way (by the way Kumar’s laptop had his work and presentation for a conference he had that day so he had a rough night also)

I head straight to the Hostel Wombat in Vienna, Well it was great nice large day beds in the reception area, good wi-fi but the staff didn’t tell me about the all you can eat breakfast at 7am for 4 euro’s and by the time I got upstairs all the fresh stuff was taken and most of the hostel was awake.

More of a simple bitch than a complaint of note, other all the hostel staff were great, it was clean and I would happily return.

So I sorted my Police Check out for The Czech Republic Government.

Once I was allowed to check in at 2pm I went for a sleep, then I woke up at 4pm when a guy enters the room who just arrived.

He’s from India also, he’s name is Arjun.

After a conversation, he is also staying in Vienna for 24 hours also, so we both agreed to go for a tourist walk around the city here are the photos.



After the very fun afternoon, we returned to Wombat and decided to have dinner there, though they only sell pizza’s we were both content with that.

The bar opened at 6pm and we arrived at 6:30pm and meet funny enough two Australian’s Paddy and Lena then shortly there after a couple from the UK JP and Sarah oh and Steve!

That night for me personally was one of the best nights of my adult life, making my top 10.

No point for details; just knows we all made friends that night.

OH one, JP wanted to go to the ATM and those of you that know me I’m often keen for a walk for fresh air and change of environment so I go with him.

On the way back, He tells me.

“Your great Stefan, Hostels should hire you”

“What for” I reply.

“When Sarah and myself came to the bar we weren’t hopeful for a great night being Monday and then I noticed you bouncing around getting people involved and laughing al the time, You’re like glue and not that crappy primary school glue.”

“Super Glue! but not the cheap crap the good quality super glue”

Hands down the best compliment I have received to date.

I didn’t take any photo’s during the night till the end I had some group photo’s taken and I never laughed so much.


Next morning I’m awoken by Arjun’s drunken snore at 4am.

i exit the dorm to find solace elsewhere, I ended up in the reception area full of couches and attempted to sleep then I noticed a woman enter & check in then thought nothing more of it and went back to sleep.

20 mins later I couldn’t get any sleep the lights were too bright funny coming from a guy that loves having a siesta, then my brain remembered I have noise cancelling headphones and I was back in my bed with ambient trance and i went to sleep.

7am I snapped awake and that’s it my sleep is over, I head to Arjun’s bed and it was out like a light, I thanked him for a good afternoon and evening then headed downstairs

I go the front counter and give my keys for check out, then I remembered.

I wonder if that woman is still there or did I dream it?

I look around the corner and see a woman there.

I thought to myself I beat the damn staff didn’t tell her about the all you can eat breakfast buffet I was screwed out of yesterday.

So I approve her and proceed to inform her about the breakfast buffet in which case she answers.

“Its ok I have my own food”

I was like what the hell? is this a special kind of vegen?

I enquire why would someone bring food with them.

She responded.

“I’m from Bulgaria and come by bus to watch Mariah Carey who is playing tonight”

I’ll admit I was hugely curious so stayed with her for an hour for what I will say a very enlighten conversation.

8am comes around and JP and Sarah come to the front desk, they were flying back to the UK and there flight was the same time as mine so we Uber’ed it to the airport and off to Greece!


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