4 weeks of TEFL with Smaller Earth


Firstly apologies I haven’t posted for a good fortnight.

The course with smaller earth is very intensive with the amount of work that is given, I tried my best but didn’t succeed getting my TEFL accreditation big shout to Martha and Rebecca for doing a great job.

To summarise if you’ve been to university or did very well at school with a good understanding how grammar,modals and the like works; you’ll get through.

The 4 weeks was filled with laugher and the photo’s I managed from the last 2 weeks are just below.

Now a new day.

Tomorrow, Saturday the 16/04/2016 I’ll move from smaller earth accommodation into a new home with my flatmate Charlotte; stay tuned for new adventures there.

Start using my GoPro on my adventures and organise myself to go camping with my Black Wolf and using my Thank Tank bags and Canon gear start visiting wildlife sanctuaries and seeing teh nature that is left in the world.





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