First 7 days.


Arriving in Prague I’m quite wired from the 28-hour flight with only 1 hour’s sleep. Luckily I have the whole weekend to recover from the jet lag and over-tiredness before starting class on Monday.

Starting my TEFL course, with Smaller Earth, it soon becomes evident they weren’t kidding about intensive training. Fortunately my classmates Luke, Kerk & Charlotte are great peers and company.



Monday orientation is about Prague and expectations of the course. It’s a great learning curve for me; not just how to teach English, but also getting back into work hours after not working full-time for over 24 months.

Outside of class the weather in Prague, so far, isn’t very complimentary for an enthusiast landscape photographer. It’s cloudy every day; though I must admit the clouds are diffusing the sun fantastically for portrait photos. Now all I need are models…

As night begins to settle over the city I prepare spaghetti bolognaise for my aforementioned crew. My spag bol is only ok but everyone seems to really appreciate the effort, which is great.

With pasta in my belly and exploring on my mind I go out to meet my friend Tereza, who I’ve known since my Sydney days. It’s pleasant to catch-up; reminiscing about the past and sharing our current plans.  However, tomorrow’s a school day and I have to cut the evening short. Before leaving Tereza informs me that on Friday nights she works close to where I’m staying; a hotspot named B-52 Cocktail Bar.

Come Tuesday it’s full throttle as we’re thrown in the deep end; learning about the 12 conditionals and getting in-depth one-on-one training, that’s to span the 4-week course.

Our first observation, in which we sit in on our teachers, is interesting. The following days we’re paired together and taught our demo lesson and first little class; happy to say we all pass.

Friday (TGIF) is the first time Czech Republic has allowed its citizens to take Good Friday as a public holiday. Taking advantage of a relatively Prague, Charlotte and I go for a walk into the city to get our heads around the area. Soon after we head back to catch up with Luke and Kerk for dinner, which has quickly become a nightly ritual during our first week.

Friday night myself, Kerk and Charlotte head to B-52 Cocktail Bar then onto The Beer Museum, which is packed on the ground floor. We head downstairs were it’s more quiet, save for the live band. Still the music is good and the company great. Two TEFL teachers, Rebecca and Grace, join us until we’ve all had enough at around 2am.

The weekend finally arrives but there’s little time to rest. Saturday I meet with my one-to-one student to start our lesson. It’s simply an analysis lesson to understand my student’s abilities. She’s very kind and following the lesson teaches me how to use the Metro before showing me around Old Town and some nice viewpoints of the city, which I’ll share with you now.

Sunday is study, and more study, for my lesson plan but at least it allows me to rest my feet; fresh with blisters from exploring the cobblestone streets of Old Town.




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