Landed in Prague, Let it Begin.

Good Morning Readers,

It’s 2:30pm AEST, March 17 when we arrive 30 minutes late. Trashy and I (Yes, that’s he’s real name. No, he’s not an imaginary friend.) make our way to check-in. But guess what! We get dropped off at Section A instead of Section K. I honestly felt this was going to be the theme of my trip. Not hard or impossible just a damn annoying hassle.

We arrive at the damn check-in section. The lady definitely knows I am carrying a camera bag and my tripod attached didn’t help my cause.

“Can I please weigh that black bag?” she requests.

“Fuck!” rings through my mind.

I place my bag on the scales. It weighs 15kgs. She asks me if that is for check-in.

“Of course not,” I reply.

Basically I brain-farted and forgot to check Singapore Airlines weight guides: 35kgs check-in. 8kgs carry-on. The damn bag weighs nearly 2kgs alone! Feeling foolish, Trashy and I start taking cables, batteries and such items out of the bag but it wasn’t enough. One of the pieces of hardware had to come out. I convince her to give me 9kgs before she states, “Hurry the gate opens in five minutes and your gate is at the end.”

Gate, bloody, 60! Yes, it’s at the furthest reaches of Pluto! So I did what I often do in my adult life and that’s rush. It’s my bane in life.  In my rush I completely forget to take my items to the tourist refund desk and lose out on some money back.

Moving forward I reach the gate and due to a slight delay they haven’t even started boarding yet! My mind honestly screams primal to whichever ancient gods can or want to hear. Anyway, we board and we’re off. I’m still worked up and can’t settle but at least there’s plenty of good movies to chew through and make quick work of the 8 hours travel time.

I arrive in Singapore, one of the few Asian countries on my bucket list. But guess what! Because of that little delay in Sydney instead of a 3-hour wait, which I wanted because Singapore Airport has shower facilities, it’s only 2 hours. After I eat the gate is opened so, considering the mistakes I made in Sydney, I err on the side of caution and attend the gate area. Now the true test comes; the 13-hour flight to Frankfurt, Germany.

The trip starts pleasant enough. Dinner is served quickly and within 2 hours of the flight lights are out and I start to settle in. Stinking isn’t helping and I apologise to my neighbour. The night was young and I’m sitting in 43D, an isle seat. Basically I was right in front of the toilets. The flush doesn’t bother me but as the passengers make their way back the idiots only use one hand to balance. I watch as they rock to one side. It seems most of them use their left hand and bump into me. This happens at least a few times an hour, preventing me from getting even one hour of sleep. Four hours pass after dinner and at around 6 hours in my knees start to ache. Maybe it’s the temperature or perhaps the altitude that’s the cause but either way I get up. As I stand I notice the cabin crew area. I head over and simply ask if I can stand in the space and allow my legs to stretch. My limbs seem to like to stand. They offer me an apple and that’s all I need to start talking. An hour later I’m still talking with the crew when the Cabin Master comes and insists I stay to chat. So I have a great conversation about how Singapore’s government saw the issue with the housing market and people living and borrowing beyond their means; sound familiar Australia?

Here is a video for a basic overview.





I spend around an hour and a half with the crew and it’s the highlight of my trip. The ladies are very kind. I think they simply loved my reaction when they first offered the apple. I was very excited about the apple! They had to prep for breakfast so I left them and the Cabin Master to return to my aching knees & bumping fellow passengers. I watched Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens and, while on the topic of movies, from Sydney to Singapore I watched The Big Short.

Watch it.

It quite honestly made me feel sick.


Moving on, I got about an hour of sleep during my 13-hour flight but the time I spent with the cabin crew made it worthwhile. Thank you.

Arriving in Frankfurt my heart was aching for a shower. Long story short it took me a good 30 minutes to find one and when I finally did the lady tells me it was 8 euros! I ask if they take Visa? (I’m not trying to find an ATM or get out 8, bloody, euros just for a shower!) Leaving defeated I simply go straight to my gate and wait only to encounter another delay.  This time a system failure with the plane is to blame. They abort but the delay is only 35 minutes and I’m shocked how fast the problem is fixed. With a sincere apology from the flight staff we’re on our way. (You could learn something from this Jet Star and Rex.)

The flight lasts about an hour before we’re landing in Prague. About 20 minutes later a Smaller Crew team member picks me up and we make our way to the accommodation. With traffic it takes about 45 minutes to arrive. I’m very wired and overtired and, as I’m simply rambing on, I thank you very much for your time and tolerance.

Be sure to check for more adventures coming soon.

Oh, by the way. This song was my theme before leaving Australia. It’s geeky but it really hit home for me.

Good night.







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